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Meet Beverly Williams

Beverly is the founder of Senior Year Magazine, 

Teen Years Magazine and Infinity Photography Magazine,

all three of which feature the work on Instagram of some of the most talented photographers world-wide and also publish the work of photographers through both digital and Print Magazine media. 


Senior Year Magazine focuses

on High School Senior Pictures


Teen Years Magazine focuses on images of

Tweens and Teens through their Junior year in High School.


Infinity Photography Magazine features all genres of photography including







She is the also the founder and administrator of 

three instagram accounts,

Senior Year Magazine, with over 24k followers, 

 Teen Years Magazine with over 5,000 followers

and our newest publication, Infinity Photography Magazine.

Photographers hashtag their own instagram images so that we see them, and then we choose images to feature created by some of the most talented photographers in the business.

With all three instagram accounts combined, we are hash tagged in over 837,000 images.


Beverly also manages two private FB group for photographers and teaches virtual business classes to photographers all over the world on how to grow their photography businesses.

In 2018, she was named as a Power Admin for the US by Facebook.  Beverly loves helping photographers succeed.  She has a background in Business Development and enjoys mentoring and teaching.  She teaches on line classes to photographers (see our classes page) and helps them take their businesses to the next level. 

She also operates two on line Amazon Stores - one for Photographers and one for Home Decor Items.

called Atlanta Decor Home, that features DIY home projects and home decor items. 


She and her husband Chuck, have been married for 37 years and between them, have four grown children.

She loves spending time with family and can often be found entertaining her two grandchildren. She loves children and can often be found working in a local elementary school. 

She loves animals and has two cats and a dog, all of whom were rescues.  She loves gardening,  home decor and creating beautiful things through home DIY projects. 

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